Welcome to the New Zealand Tech Podcast – an iTunes NZ #1 podcast published by Podcasts NZ. Each episode Paul Spain (Futurist, Chief Executive and Tech Commentator) is joined by one or more guests to discuss what’s happening in the world of gadgets, technology, consumer electronics and the internet. Topics cover both international and locally focused products and news.

Paul loves to see his podcasts used to support his passion for seeing NZ individuals, NZ organisations and the country as a whole do better through the innovative and creative use of technology.

Over the years NZ Tech Podcast featured everything from personal drones through to the latest innovations in car technology. Host Paul Spain has attended many events locally and globally such as CES (Consumer Electronics Show) in Las Vegas and Computex Taipei – and has been flown in to visit technology research centres, events or product launches in locations including London, Rome, New Delhi, San Francisco, Melbourne and Beijing amongst others.

The current NZ Tech Podcast theme music/intro audio was produced by Simon Peterson. The original intro was produced by DJ/Producer Tim Richards.



The first NZ Tech Podcast episode was recorded by Paul Spain and Bradley Borrows in early 2011. Soon after Paul Spain and Skip Parker produced the first studio recorded episode. Episode 3 saw Paul, Brad and Skip team up and it also marked the first time that the NZ Tech Podcast hit the coveted #1 position on the iTunes NZ Podcast chart.

During March/April 2012 the format of the NZ Tech Podcast changed to feature more guests as Brad and Skip stepped aside from regular involvement in the podcast.

The next milestone for NZ Tech Podcast was to surpass 1-million downloads.


Paul Spain

Paul Spain has a long history in the Technology and Social Media space in New Zealand – often featured as a tech and business commentator on TV and Radio, along with being a keynote speaker on a business and tech topics and a futurist public speaker.

Paul is CEO and founder of Gorilla Technology, who launched NZ’s first full service IT managed services programme in 2000. Paul also launched NZ’s first social network WorldDJ.com in 2002 – a site that attracted some 300,000 members and drew attention for it’s internationally ground breaking personalisation engine. Today sites such as Facebook.com use similar concepts to deliver personalised advertising to their members.

Paul is also founder of Gorilla Voice and associated brands World Podcasts and Podcasts NZ which is the publisher of the NZ Tech Podcast. He can be found on Twitter: @paulspain



Since launching the NZ Tech Podcast has featured many guests in our interviews and studio discussions – including technologists, business leaders and tech journalists. A sampling of these includes:

  • Alan Mulally – CEO – Ford
  • Alec Ross – Senior Advisor for Innovation to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton – US State Department
  • Alexis Ohanian – Co-founder/Executive Chairman, Reddit
  • Bill Bennett – Tech Journalist
  • Brett Roberts – Associate Director, Digital, Customers & Collaboration – Datacom
  • Dai Henwood – Comedian
  • Derek Handley – Co-founder, The Hyperfactory
  • Ed Bott – ZDNet
  • Emily Banks – Associate Managing Editor, Mashable.com
  • Eugene Kaspersky – Founder/CEO, Kaspersky Labs
  • Gabe Gravening – AMD
  • Glenn Gore – Chief Architect, Amazon Web Services (AWS)
  • Gregory Lee – President and CEO, Samsung Asia
  • Jim Pisz – Corporate Manager, North American Business Strategy, Toyota USA
  • Joe Belfiore, Corporate Vice President – Microsoft
  • Johan Wibergh – Global Chief Technology Officer, Vodafone plc
  • John Greenhough – CTO, Crown Fibre Holdings
  • John Lai – Founder – Social Media NZ
  • Joshua Topolsky – Editor in Chief – The Verge (ex Engadget)
  • Kim Dotcom, Mega.co.nz
  • Nathan Mercer – Microsoft
  • Mark Rushworth – CEO, Pacific Fibre
  • Mary Jo Foley – ZDNet
  • Mitch Olson – Co-founder, Outsmart/Smallworlds
  • Neil Hand – Dell
  • Nilay Patel – The Verge
  • Paul Boshoff – GM, Personal Systems Group, Hewlett-Packard NZ
  • Paul Brislen – CEO, TUANZ
  • Paul Thurrott, Winsupersite/Windows Weekly
  • Sir Peter Maire – CEO, Fusion Electronics
  • Raffi Krikorian – Twitter
  • Rod Drury – CEO/Founder, Xero
  • Roland Ng – Hewlett-Packard
  • Russell Stanners – CEO, Vodafone NZ
  • Scott Hanselman – Microsoft USA
  • Simon Bridges – Minister of Communications & Transport
  • Simon Gamble – Co-founder, Mako Networks
  • Tim Fraser and Jeremy Geros – GoVocab
  • Tom Merritt – TWiT.tv
  • Tony Baird – Chief Network Officer, Vodafone NZ
  • Young Ly – Chief Executive, Serato
  • Xzibit – Rapper, Actor, Host of MTV’s ‘Pimp My Ride’



The most common show format consists of Paul Spain hosting a discussion about the tech news and happenings of the week with one or two guests (panelists). Where guests represent a particular firm with a technology topic of note they will also be interviewed on that subject.


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