Spark NZ are gearing up to provide a 5G network in NZ expect it to available to customers in 2020. Today, as part of that journey they have released a briefing document that details the need for Government to make spectrum available and insights into the large investment they’ll make to deliver 5G.

Say Spark Managing Director Simon Moutter: “We are undertaking detailed planning to ‘map’ expected 5G cell site densities in New Zealand and, as a result of this planning (and the learnings we have taken from our 5G testing), we are forming a good understanding of how many new sites we will need for 5G, and where. We have already begun a build programme to increase the number of cell sites in our existing mobile network – which will enable us to meet near-term capacity demand as well as lay the groundwork for network densification required for 5G.”

Moutter indicate the allocation processes for the two most likely spectrum bands – mid frequency C-band and high frequency mmWave band – should be completed as soon as possible, to ensure 5G services can be delivered in time for the 2020-21 America’s Cup in Auckland as an international showcase opportunity.

We’ve attached the Spark 5G Briefing document for those interested in all the detail and the direction of Spark’s lobbying efforts with the NZ Government.