This week on NZ Tech Podcast Paul Spain and Hengjie Wang (CEO, Kami) discuss the tech news of the week – including SpaceX tourist rides to space, jetpack altitude record, Coronavirus expected to have growing impact on technology supply chains, Microsoft Defender to make leap to iPhone and Android, NZ’s 5G auction date is set, Online Extortionists vs Google customers, the controversial twists of the .org namespace sale (Refer post by Lance Wiggs), Microsoft ElectionGuard opensource digital voting platform, Volocopter + Grab partnering up in Asia, Generate Kiwisaver hack and how it mirrors NZ’s challenges with Cyber Security and will Apple to lower walls with iOS 14?

Also discussed is New Zealand startup Kami with co-founder and CEO Hengjie Wang – including how their PDF tool is helping remote schooling during the COVID-19 Coronavirus outbreak.

Hosted by Paul Spain and this week’s guest: Hengjie Wang (CEO, Kami)

Listen to the Podcast here:

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