This week on NZ Tech Podcast, Paul Spain and Savannah Petersen (Founder of Savvy Millennial) discuss this weeks’ tech news.  Ex-google and Uber engineer breached employee agreement and has been ordered to pay Google US$179 million.  Google tracked a man’s bike making him the prime suspect in a burglary case.  Spark NZ is offering local innovators to bid for half a million dollars to build new 5G enabled technology.  Airbnb has started giving renters secret risk assessments and personality tests using a secret algorithm to generate renter “risk scores.”  Alibaba new AI system can detect COVID-19 with 96% accuracy.  Tesla starts offering $2,500 infotainment upgrade on older models.  Thoughts on COVID-19 and working from home and the importance of Maori Hackathons around NZ.

Hosted by Paul Spain and this week’s guest: Savannah Petersen.

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