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imageI dropped by iTunes today and was pleasantly surprised to see that the ‘NZ Tech Podcast’ is the top Podcast in New Zealand right now. It feels great to be sitting above Ricky Gervais, TED talks, BBC, etc.

It’s nice to have some extra attention courtesy of Apple and iTunes. Many thanks to all who are listening in and especially those spreading the word.

Please keep your feedback and comments rolling in via whatever medium you prefer – as that’s how we’ll be able to adjust the show and improve it over time.

We have a more coming to the podcast over time – such as a number of interesting guests planned in future episodes.

If you haven’t listened in yet – please do so and let us know what you think.

Paul Spain (@PaulSpain)




Update: April 2012

After more than 1-year online the NZ Tech Podcast remains the #1 locally produced dedicated podcast in New Zealand. The advent of radio stations heavily promoting ‘podcastized’ versions of their shows often sees the best of those shows receive a top ranking – but when it comes to dedicated local podcasts the NZ Tech Podcast has remained at the top month-to-month since early 2011.

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Mar 2011
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3 Responses to “The #1 Podcast in NZ”

  1. Adam Trembath says:

    Thats amazing and its still at number 1. Iv never seen anything other than hamish and andy at number 1. Well done guys, hope this helps u push on, i will expecting over 50 podcasts at least now with this great news :)

  2. James says:

    Just found out about the podcast through iPhoneNewZealand yesterday, listened last night and enjoyed it, makes a nice change from Leo Laporte. Good work, look forward to many more!

  3. Moz says:

    nice work! keep it up!

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